Listed below are some of the amazing tools I have used or am using in my online business. Each one comes with my personal recommendation and with some tips on how you can use it to help you with your online results.

Disclaimer: "If you purchase any of the following resources via my referral link I will make a small commission for recommending it to you. The cost is the same to you whether you purchase directly or via an affiliate link but if you feel you are getting great value and help with all the training here any purchases you make via these links is greatly appreciated. Huge Thanks!

Every resource here comes highly recommended but please be sure to assess what is necessary for use in your business right now prior to purchasing anything. That goes for any other products out there as well."

Critical Tools For Online Marketing

Aweber    The top auto-responder service for most online marketers!  Whether you have an online business or an offline (brick and mortor) business you need an auto-responder.  (a database to store your leads and customers so you can automate your follow up emails to them) There are other services you can use but this one is my #1 resource for this.

Hostgator      I have used Hostgator for years with very few issues (none of them inflicted by them. Only things that I could have avoided myself) with great support!  They provide everything you need for your online marketing. Note: if you choose a different hosting service be sure they have cpanel. This makes it much easier for you to install and edit your own sites, etc. Also, I do NOT recommend hosting with Godaddy. It is my least favorite hosting service by far. It's ok to buy domain names (I don't use them for that either though) but be sure you do not host with them! I speak from experience and none of it was good.

Namecheap    I have purchased dozens and dozens of domain names via Namecheap! They make it super easy to point your domains to your hosting and remain the same price for renewal each year without a lot of forced price hikes. It is also very easy to navigate through their site unlike some of the other registrars I have seen.

Membership Sites

ClickFunnels is a hosted solution that also has a membership platform built right into it. Great solution for those that do not want to get caught up in the technical hassles of maintaining their own website with updates, etc. It does have a monthly fee but can be well worth it if you want the easiest tool for your sales funnel/website/membership site. Just click the banner below to watch the video about it:

DAP  This is the membership software being used for this membership site for Social Success Rockets. I started with a different option but then switched because with DAP every member instantly becomes an affiliate with life time cookies to their referrals. What does this mean? Well, it means that if someone you refer to this membership site buys anything ever again within this site then you continue to get paid on all purchases they make! This software also protects your content so it can't be shared. DAP is a plugin that works with WordPress.

Wishlist -  This is another great plugin with many of the same features offered in DAP. I have both of these tools but preferred to use DAP for this site for the reasons stated above. I do use Wishlist as well. There are certain circumstances where Wishlist might integrate with another software where DAP does not. My site: is set up with Wishlist Member. It is a plugin that works with WordPress.

Optimize Press 2  Well, I don't know how to begin with this one. This is a theme and/or a plugin you can use to turn any site not only into a membership site but also build any number of sales pages, squeeze pages, thank you pages, sales funnels, product launches and more from ready made templates! But it also has its own membership software built right in. Another invaluable tool that is built-in is a timer which you can use for scarcity on a special price or time limited access to a product, etc. This site you are in uses OP2 for the theme which makes it extremely flexible with the layout and delivery of the content plus protects the content. Fantastic tool for so many uses! It can save you hours and hours of hard work with just a few clicks. It works with WordPress.

WP Memberchamp   by Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos (two of my favorite marketers online who have created many of the software tools that I use all the time!) This is by far the absolute easiest tool to create membership sites!  It is not as robust as some of the other tools and it only integrates with Paypal, jvzoo, Clickbank and Aweber but if you want to slap up a fast membership site you can do it with just a couple of clicks.  Actually with this plugin you can make ANY wordpress site into a membership site with some content available and other content behind the membership portal plus it has a built-in feature to protect your content too. One downside is that it does not allow for multiple levels of membership within one site (I have a sneaky trick around this and will have a video showing how you can still do it with a couple of cool tools) and it also does not allow for "drip feeding" content (that is how this site works, one course per week when you first sign up to avoid overwhelm). But it is very easy and fast to use and I love it. It works with WordPress.

WordPress Themes and Plugins

Optimize Press    See description above.  I forgot to mention that they have great video tutorials on how to use everything within the site too plus great support!

Thrive Plugin  -  This plugin is a great less expensive alternative to OP2 above. This page you are on was created with Thrive and many others in the site as well. Sometimes it is easier and faster to use this plugin to create pages. I highly recommend it.

WP Enlighten  This is a great plugin, again by Jason and Wil. It takes all the headaches out of writing your sales letters. The key to this tool is its creator. Jason is a world class copyrighter and these are templates he uses so you have the wonderful advantage of his amazing skills at the click of a few buttons!

WP Squeeze Pro   is another product by Jason and Wil. (can you tell I love their stuff?) This one also works very well. Did I mention that their customer service is second to none? It's absolutely amazing when you send in a ticket and they respond so darned fast! You'll love any tools you get from these guys.

Mystile Theme  is a free theme that I just started using for a client to create an online store with a shopping cart. Woocommerce is the plugin I used with it. Below is a screenshot of the one I created.

Your content here...

Pretty Link Pro   or the free version Pretty Link is a plugin that you can use on your wordpress site to create redirect links or "cloak" links and it will record how many clicks the link gets, etc. It is an easy tool to use and very helpful to measure what is working when you create separate links for your various promotions you will then know which ones are getting you the best results.


Easy Video Suite  is a fantastic tool that does so many things to help with your marketing that I don't know where to begin. First it works in conjunction with Amazon S3 data service which is great because I have well over 100 videos up and I think Amazon charged me something silly like $.18 for everything last month! EVS, as we call it, will allow you to protect your videos and give you embed codes to put them anywhere online without eating up any of your server space in your hosting. Also, there are tons of tools inside that you can use that allow you to control the entire viewer experience and get them to do anything you want during the viewing of your videos. Every video on this site is in my EVS account! This is a must have tool for anyone doing anything online.

Amazon S3  is a great resource and very inexpensive as I described above. It works hand in hand with EVS as I mentioned. This is not an affiliate link just a link for you convenience.

Camtasia for Mac and PC   I was fortunate enough to find a coupon online for Camtasia for Mac and got it with a $50 savings! It is worth its weight in GOLD! I use it constantly. It is much less expensive than Camtasia for PC because of different features but it does everything I ever need to edit, crop, adjust, add and delete things in my videos. Fantastic tool! I use it every day! You can use the free version Camtasia Studio if you are not ready to invest in the full version. You will find it in the links above. (not affiliate links just links for convenience again. :) )

Screenflow for Mac is another great tool. The only reason why I don't use this tool is because I was able to get Camtasia for Mac with that discount I mentioned. Many Mac owners use both tools. They each do similar things and all of them do screen recordings and editing.

Various Other Cool Tools And Resources I Recommend

Freemind – Mind Manager Editor  - Mind Mapping Software ( Open Source for Windows / Windows mini / Mac / Linux)

WP Twin  This is one of the top tools I have used for several years now. It has payed for itself over and over again. Jason and Wil are the creators of this fabulous tool (once again) and I couldn't live without it! You can limp along with just about everything else until you can afford to invest in the fancy stuff but don't do it with this one. This is not a plugin or a theme but it actually allows you to copy a complete clone of any wordpress site and then upload it to any other hosting or domain. I use it constantly and it has really saved my butt a few times when things have blown up on a site. All I do is just upload the clone and with just a few clicks we're back in business!! Super cool tool.

Easy Redirect  (another tool by Jason and Wil)  is a web based tool to not only create redirect links for anything you want to promote and track but it also has advanced features that allow you to do all kinds of things like put pages in between the redirect and the actual page the visitor ends up on. This is a more advanced tool so only get this if you are at the level where you need it. This is not the "Jason and Wil show" by the way. I just happen to be one of their best customers because their stuff works and works well!

Niche Content  This site is loaded with content for so many niches that you will never run out!

Double Your Productivity  Want to get a lot more done faster? Then you need to grab this resource from my friend, once again, Jason Fladlien! He knows his stuff and is a shining example of what happens when you put this stuff to use. Get it and do it! It will change your entire business and life. Remember that quote "money loves speed" and get the most out of this.

Replace Myself is a website where you can actually hire virtual assistants for very little money to help you with every aspect of your online business/marketing. The greatest part about this is that they have already screened the candidates and checked their credentials before they add them to the site. They also include feedback and ratings of what others say about their performance. I have used this service to find quality help and it really will allow you the freedom to work on your money making activities instead of doing all the detail work. You can see more about outsourcing on the Outsourcing Secrets Page.

Any Meeting  is an alternative to Go to Webinar for webinar software. I have not used this myself but it is something to look into until you can make the investment for Go to Webinar.

Social Media Tools